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ER Stories from Love & Lust in the ER

Some of these ER stories are mine, while others were submitted by a number of people. Hence, I, me, myself, or Dr. Pezzi might not necessarily refer to me but instead to an anonymous contributor; see disclaimer. The best stories (IMHO) are indicated by *.

Chapter 1: Emergency 911

Chapter 2: Looking for Love in the ER

Chapter 3: Breaking Up

Chapter 4: Miscellaneous Stories

Chapter 5: Puppy Love

Chapter 6: The Love Lives of ER Doctors

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DISCLAIMER: All names in this site are of fictitious persons and entities. Any similarities to the name of any real person, address, school, business, hospital or other entity is purely coincidental. Names were also changed to protect the confidentiality of contributors who requested anonymity. The first person linguistic presentation used herein is a means of effecting literary cohesion and avoiding exhaustive repetition of attributing stories from anonymous contributors, and hence should not be construed as being applicable in all cases in a literal sense. Translated from the legal mumbo-jumbo: I, me, myself, or Dr. Pezzi might not necessarily refer to me but instead to an anonymous contributor. I've had an interesting life, but it's not been that interesting! Some stories are compilations of individual stories. The stories in this book and web site are recommended for people over the age of 18, but may be viewed by minors with parental approval and supervision.


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