Emergency Room Cases Pertaining to Love or Lust

Before I became an ER doctor, I assumed that emergency rooms treated only genuine emergencies such as heart attacks, strokes, and assorted injuries. That assumption proved to be very naive. In reality, patients go to emergency rooms for just about every imaginable reason, including many that deal with sex, love, and lust. Furthermore, ER doctors, nurses, and patients sometimes become romantically involved with one another, oftentimes in ways that are far more salacious than the romantic entanglements depicted on television medical shows constrained by censorship.

This site presents cases involving everything from puppy love to the real thing. In that hormonally-fueled gamut are some expected things, such as flirting and affairs, but also others that you've probably never heard about, nor could even imagine. There is something about the intensity of emergency rooms that tends to foster passion. After reading these stories, I think you'll agree.

Love & Lust in the ER

You can read the ER stories on this site, or download Love & Lust in the ER, which includes the same cases in an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf Acrobat icon) format. Since the book is free, you can send a copy of it to your friends and family.

Want to star in an ER film?

I am producing an indie film based on some of the stories in this book and my other ER books *. If you wish to volunteer as an actor or crew member, please contact me.

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